Welcome to Year 9

Head of Year
Mr Andrew Athey

Email: aathey@newarkacademy.co.uk

Tel: 01636 615000

Pastoral Lead KS4
Mrs L Ness

Email: lness@newarkacademy.co.uk

Tutor Sets and Tutors 2017/2018

  • 9 DWI – Ms D Williams
  • 9 FRU – Mrs F Rutter
  • 9 ABI – Mrs A Birmingham and Mr Brown
  • 9 RBE – Mrs R Beardsmore
  • 9 LCU – Mrs L Curtis and Mr K Cochrane

Mr Athey manages a team of five Tutors and works closely with Pastoral Lead for Key Stage 3 Mrs L. Ness to ensure that the Year 9 students receive outstanding pastoral care, maintaining communication between the student and their parents. The Tutor team meet the students each day, ensure they are ready to learn, enrich student’s learning through a planned weekly program of activities and prepare them for the day of learning ahead.

In Year 9, students:

  • Start their GCSEs subjects
  • Are encouraged to be more independent
  • Are expected to be good role models for younger students in the school

Year 9 Achievement Evening Thursday 11th January 2018

On Thursday 11th January 2018 from 4pm-6.30pm Newark Academy opens it's doors to our parents/carers and students from Year 9 for Achievement Evening. Families will have the opportunity during the evening to meet with subject teachers from across the curriculum to gather information on progress and achievements. This evening also give parents/carers/students the perfect opportunity to discuss with us any concerns that you may have so that we can ensure the best education possible for our young people.

Students have all been provided with an appointment card to collect their appointments for the evening. Please have those conversations with your son/daughter to ensure that the appointments booked are the most suitable for you. Alternatively, if you are unable to make this evening due to other commitments please let us know and we will ensure that subject staff are in contact with you regarding your son/daughter's progress and achievements.

If you have any questions are queries about Achievement Evening please contact me directly via phone or email and I will be more than willing to help.

We look forward to seeing you on Achievement Evening.

Mr Andrew Athey - Head of Year

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