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At Newark Academy we offer a range of sessions to support our pupils in their studies,  before and after school, as well as during lunch time. Where a session is 'invite only' - these sessions are aimed at pupils who need additional help in a small group setting.

  8am- 8.40am Lunch 12.50-1.35pm After School 3.15pm Drop in clinics
Mon Business Studies  KS4  Invitation only  KS3 Art Homework club  Room 1.026   Mathematics                                     Year 11 Foundation                         Room 1.005                                  KS4 Product Design                           Room 0.031                              History    JPA                                         Year 11                                                    Room 1.020                                        KS4 Art and Design                         Year 11                                                 Art Dept                                                                   ART Year 11 Drop in Mon -Fri Lunchtime Science Drop in - After school Monday-Thursday
Tues Business Studies   KS4      Invitation only   History  EBC       Year 11                Room 1.021 Science Breakfast club   Year 11 Invitation only   Child Development Year11                                                 Room 0.016                                  KS4 Product Design                           Room 0.031                             English                                            Year 11                                              2nd Floor, Eng dept                        ICT   - Invitation only                                                         Year 13 and Year 11                                                 Room 1.011                           KS3 Product Design Drop in Before, lunch, after school   Mon - Fri Room 0.031 
Wed English Breakfast club   Year 11 Invitation only   Business Studies Surgery     JKE  Year 11                                             KS4 - Art Mon-Fri After School Room 1.026
Thur Maths Breakfast club   Year 11 Invitation only Geography   KVA                           Year 11                                      Room 1.017                            Food - Practical                                          Year 11                                     Food Room                  Maths                                                Year 11   and Year 13                                                  1st Floor, Maths Dept                KS3 /KS4- Resistant Material and Engineering               Mon- Fri Before school / lunch /after school Room 0.018
Fri   Textiles / Technology        Year 11                                     Room 0.016                    PE         GCR    NSH                                                    Year 11                                                    Room 1.023          Drama  Rehearsals Year 11         3.15-4.30 Mon - Fri  Drama studio
Sat 10-1pm   Revision Maths, English and Science  

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