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Year 8 Maths Assessment

Please us Mathswatch to revise all topics covered so far this year - these include

  • Introduction to algebra/algebra notation
  • Negative numbers
  • Solving equations - one and two step
  • Collecting like terms
  • Order of operations/BIDMAS
  • Worded formulae
  • Sequences and nth term
  • Expanding brackets
  • Mean of numbers
  • Area of a triangle
  • Prime factors, highest common factor and lowest common multiple
  • Pie charts

Please refer to the Mathswatch student under guide on the website (Subjects-Mathematics-Independent learning) for help on how to use Mathswatch.

  • Year 8 Maths Assessment
    Year 8 will be having a Maths assessment during the week commencing Monday 21st January. (08/01/2019)
  • Maths Assessment
    In-class maths assessment during week commencing 10th December. (30/11/2018)

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