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We were delighted to be recognised as the National Leadership Academy of 2014 by Sports Leaders UK.

Welcome to Newark Academy’s Leadership Academy.  Our academy offers a number of courses from Sports Leaders UK.  We deliver courses in Sports Leadership across all Key Stages giving the students the knowledge and experience to continue outside of the school environment.

Once student has committed themselves to one of the courses they will automatically become a member of our ‘Leadership Academy’.

We pride ourselves on the quality of Leaders that are produced through the academy and are commended for this throughout the local community and at a regional and national level.

Throughout each of the courses we gain valuable experiences from our links with the wider community, Sports clubs, Newark Leisure Centre and the County Leadership Academy.

Whilst in the academy we hope that each leader will take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to them which will enhance their qualities and skills as leader’s whist helping them develop their skills in delivering high quality activities.

Sports Leaders UK Set of Values

Each Leadership course is based around a set of values.  Newark Academy pride ourselves on how our leaders really embrace this set of values within the work that our leaders provide.  The values are; Confidence, attitude, commitment, tolerance, reliability, enthusiasm, maturity, effort, responsibility, respect, initiative and self-control.

Voluntary Hours

Each Course has a set criteria and number of voluntary hours that they must fulfill as a minimum requirement before each leader can pass the course that they are undertaking.  Again we pride ourselves in the level that the leaders volunteer at; the majority of our leaders will go above and beyond the minimum required.  All hours that are completed must be logged in ‘Leadership Academy Log’, this along with other criteria will determine what level they are working towards in the Leadership Academy.

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