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  • Swim team make school history

    U15 Girls swim to county and regional success

    On Friday 5th October, 4 girls took to the water in the Regional Schools Swimming Relays. Its was great to see, for the second year running we were able to field a team in this high level competition.

    The girls had two races, Medley and freestyle. They were up against some strong opposition in the heats and had to wait for the final placings were made.

    We were all super proud to see the girls come 4th in the region and TOP SCHOOL in the county in the medley relay and 6th in the region and 2nd in the county for the freestyle relay.

    Amazing results. Well done

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  • Representative Honours

    National School Games success

    Three of our amazingly talented students who took the opportunity in a PE lesson to trial for the North of England team for Indoor Kayaking gained success in achieving a place in the North of England Indoor Kayaking team. With only 4 places available Newark Academy students took three of them for the National School Games.

    They competed against teams from the rest of the country in the individual and teams races. As the results were coming through in late August we could see that they had achieved an amazing result by coming second in the team relay.

    A fantastic achievement by our...

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  • Structure Team Building Challenge

    Well done to Mr Woolley's tutor team.

    A fantastic start for our Year 7 students. Mr Woolley’s tutor team took the victory for structure team building challenge!

    Congratulations team Woolley – let’s see if they can maintain their success in this week’s first rewards assembly.

    Posted 10/09/2018 by Year 7

  • Illegal Trespass update

    Vehicle occupants now moved on

    Further to last week's illegal trespass, an eviction notice was served on Friday morning at 8.00am. Following this, the occupants of the illegally parked vehicles moved on swiftly and safely leaving the site clean and tidy. Steps are already in place to ensure events such as this do not occur again and we're looking forward to welcoming all members of our Academy community back to the Academy tomorrow for what will no doubt be, another successful and record-breaking year.

    Thank you as always for your continued support

    Newark Academy

    Posted 02/09/2018 by Whole School

  • Newark Academy update: Illegal trespass

    Information for parents and carers.

    Around 1.30pm yesterday (29 September), a number of recreational vehicles and caravans entered Newark Academy grounds illegally and have temporarily encamped at the front of our academy building. The police were called immediately informing them of the trespass, as Newark Academy is private property. In addition, we have taken steps to issue an eviction notice via the Sheriff's office and this will be issued today by a team of bailiffs. The occupants of the vehicles have been informed that they are due to move to a secured placement imminently. Students returning to the academy tomorrow in ...

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  • Best GCSE results ever for Newark Academy

    Students at Newark Academy make history.

    Newark Academy has secured their best ever GCSE results following the publication of the tougher ‘new’ style GCSE results. The academy has made progress on every single measure and have seen the pass rates in English and Maths increase significantly with sharp increases in the percentage of students achieving a strong pass (5+) in English and maths since the previous year.

    47% of Year 11s achieve a ‘strong’ pass (5) in English and Maths which is a 15% increase since the previous year and places the academy well above the previous national average for this measure. The academy also saw a ...

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